Kitchen Renovations: Where to Begin?

Marcy Olimpi - January 8, 2019 - 0 comments

Kitchen Renovations: Where to Begin?

Asking the right questions before you begin your next renovation project

As you can imagine, a kitchen remodel ideas can be perplexing as you may not know where to begin, or how to chart the best course of action. So before you set about planning the initial stages of a complete kitchen renovation, it’s essential to know exactly where to start, and how much of a budget you have to work with as a kitchen remodel is a costly investment that can pay off when reselling – if done well.

To start, ask yourself what your goals are, what’s missing from your current kitchen design, and what you’d like to see go?

For avid cooks, seasoned hosts, and busy families, your kitchen is probably the center of your daily life—and a place where both form and function are of the utmost importance.

Here’s what to ask yourself before you begin a kitchen remodel:

For those considering an elevated kitchen renovation—or really any renovation—these questions will make your life easier. By having these questions answered before you call your contractor, you’ll be able to have a more productive, streamlined experience.

  1.  What is your goal?                              

Are you planning to sell your home in the next few years? Are you intending to upgrade your home for that sale? Or are you simply seeking to make the best of your kitchen decor

  1. How long do you plan to live in your home?

If you see yourself living there for only a few years, you should probably consider a different type of renovation, something that’s maybe not as expensive or something that’s more timeless and traditional in your favored aesthetic. However, if you’re going to be living there longer, then naturally you’ll be spending a bit more to design something that sings to you.

  1. Do you have children?

If you do, where are you going to store everything out of their reach? Resilient, easy-to-clean materials, are ideal for kid-friendly kitchen ideas.

      4. Will you be residing in your home during your renovation?

If so, keep in mind that it will add to the lead time and construction duration, as well as adding to the level of protection and cleanliness that needs to be maintained during the renovation process.

      5. What is your budget?

Answer this question for yourself to better understand what amount of money you can spend comfortably. It’s crucial to be honest with the experts you hire about what that number is.

      6. What can you remove to open up your kitchen?

Ask yourself and your contractor about exploring every possibility to make the best use of your kitchen remodel.

      7. When can you get started?

Because a well-planned project is a well-executed project, take your time to properly plan every move you make during the kitchen renovation process.

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